On behalf the rabble staff, I would like to thank all of you who have made personal donations over the past three months, either in response to our online appeal or our direct-mail campaigns.

Some of these donations are quite personal. Some come with notes that offer encouragement or congratulations. Some arrive with copies of articles. Others — in very few words — tell us about our supporters. I’d like to share some of these.

  • One supporter simply endorsed her $200 Ontario government rebate cheque over to us. I’m sure that Premier Mike Harris and former finance minister (and current Ontario Tory leadership hopeful) Ernie Eves never intended the money to be spent this way. Somewhat poetic don’t you think?
  • Another person wrote, “I am unemployed and can only afford $50.”
  • Still another wrote that she didn’t have a computer. She sent a donation anyway, because our work was important, and the Internet was necessary to reach younger people with our message. It was as if she were passing the torch to the next generation of activists.

We’ve received donations of $5,000 (thanks David) and $2 (thanks Kenneth) and amounts in between (thanks all). Some of our writers have even endorsed their fee cheques back to us. Other contributors have temporarily waived fees (thanks Ann-Marie, Mike, Parker, Rachel, Barry, Doug, John and others). Support comes in many forms.

We’ve received credit-card donations, mostly one-time, but also as monthly gifts. Speaking as the business guy, I’d sure love to see more monthlies: they go a long way to stabilize rabble.

People have also written, saying “I’m sorry I can’t make a donation &” either “at this time,” or because “I’m 80 and just moved into the villa &” To all those who took the time and spent the 47 cents to connect with us: thank you, we appreciate this too.

We’d also like to thank folks across the country who have helped us raise money through events. Vancouver has been extra special, with its two events last year. The Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives organized one: Lynn Coady, one of our wonderful contributing editors, pulled together the other. We raised more than $1,000 as a result, and got a whole lot more rabble readers and supporters as well.

So thanks again for helping rabble stay afloat. We look forward to your continuing support.