Michael Ignatieff, a prominent supporter of George W. Bush’s illegal war on Iraq, will be “nominated” as the Liberal candidate in Ontario’s Etobicoke-Lakeshore over the objections of the local riding executive. He plans to campaign in the riding sometime next year when he actually moves to Canada from the United States.

As Paul Martin did, Ignatieff supported George W. Bush’s illegal war on Iraq:

“I still think the President is right when he says that Iraq and the world will be better off with Saddam disarmed, even, if necessary, through force.” — Liberal candidate Michael Ignatieff, New York Times, March 31, 2003

“It is ideological claptrap to suppose that the Bush administration made up the risk. Saddam has been a security threat in the Gulf for 20 years. His desire to acquire these weapons was unquestionable; there isn’t a serious analyst who doesn’t think he’d wanted to have them.” — Liberal candidate Michael Ignatieff, quoted in Maclean’s June, 23, 2003

“On this one, I was apparently on the far right of Canadian opinion.” — Liberal candidate Michael Ignatieff on the Iraq War, quoted in Maclean’s, June 23, 2003

Paul Martin — who once noted, “I really think Canada should get over to Iraq as quickly as possible” (North Bay Nugget, April 30, 2003) — needs to explain why he and the Liberal Team are so out of step with Canadians’ values of peace and respect for international law.