Rumours are rampant that Egypt’s dictator — former and present yet — Hosni Mubarak suffered a heart attack just as he was to be “interrogated” regarding charges of financial corruption, and abuse of power during his reign. Above these two major claims, it was also expected that he would be questioned as to his direct involvement in the orders for violence which led to the deaths of near 800 demonstrators and the injury of over 5,000 more.

All eye-witness reports tell the same story: He was driven to the hospital under heavy protection, exited without aid, and made his way to the presidential suite.

He was walking. Without help. After allegedly suffering a heart attack which has better timing than an Olympic gold medal sprinter.

In the last 48 hours, the current “leadership” afforded Mubarak the platform to wax philosophic against the charges of corruption. He spoke to the world at large, Egyptians specifically, with full impunity.

A man who, though allegedly possessing a near 70 billion dollar fortune, was with great audacity telling us that he was “clean” and in fact “hurt” by the allegations made against him. He also indicated that he would gladly answer all questions specific to these allegations, proving them to be untrue.

Please note that: if this sounds familiar, it is because very recently, Dubya Bush was also feeling “hurt” by Kanye West’s accusations against him. It seems that yet again, the Dictator has taken guidance from his bedfellow(s).

You will have to pardon me if I am offended that he was given any platform from which to speak, other than that found in a criminal court and facing in real time, the Egyptian people from which he stole and of whom thousands upon thousands of political prisoners remain vanished.

Add to the above the reality that for the past few days, and notably today, this same “leadership,” which allowed Mubarak to speak publicly, also did not stop the thug Baltagya of Egypt when they entered into Tahrir Square armed and backed by the military police to further terrorize (by bloodshed and arrest) the demonstrators. The very same demonstrators who continue to demand, as cornerstone to reform, that Mubarak be tried in criminal court.

For those of us watching closely the events unfold, it is no surprise then that the alleged heart attack of Mubarak is being scoffed at, ridiculed and mocked as nothing more than a ruse to further avoid real and meaningful change in Egypt, of which Mubarak’s trial and detention are absolute key.

Maha Zimmo

Maha Zimmo

Maha Zimmo is an analyst whose areas of interest are the Middle East, Islam and gender politics. With writing inclinations leaning left toward the impassioned, philosophical and lunatic side of funny,...