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On Tuesday launched “The Not Rex Murphy” Contest: and talk radio is taking notice.

Like so many others across the country, we at have had enough of Rex Murphy and his reactionary, mean-spirited attacks on all the things that make Canada a great place to live. Since CBC hasn’t put any balancing voices to Rex on their flagship news show The National, will do our part.

So we are pleased to have launched the Not Rex Murphy Contest. The winner(s) of the Not Rex contest will be featured presenting a video commentary on on the same nights as Mr. Murphy presents commentary on CBC.  Our judges are new media journalist, consultant, video podcaster and web 2.0 guru Amber MacArthur; journalist, broadcaster, author and guest senior contributing editor Murray Dobbin; rabble tv editor Tor Sandberg; rabble publisher Kim Elliott and you (finalist chosen by vote).

Listen to this podcast of Senior Contributing Editor, Murray Dobbin, as he takes on Calgary Talk Radio AM770 CHQR. Listen in.

Click here to learn more about the contest and how to submit your entry!