A couple of thoughts that could have been blog posts but weren’t. By rabble standards, these are mostly old news. 

1) Why didn’t the Ontario Conservatives elect their new leader using first past the post? Same can be asked of any party that supports undemocratic voting systems for the rest of us. 

2) Peru. a) Perhaps one of the most important yet under-reported stories in recent times. b) Canada’s response, or lack of one was embarassing and shameful.

3) Honduras. a) Canada’s response is evil. Mining and t-shirts. Peter Kent should be thrown out of office for his violation of the contitution of human decency. b) When’s the demo? 

4) I highly recommend Shaw’s “Candida” playing this week at the Fringe Festival in Toronto. 

5) G-8. a) Having helped organize the Popular Summit in Toronto during the G7 in 1988, long before it was re-branded the “anti-globalization” movement following the Battle in Seattle in 1999, these meetings and the responses they generate always interest me. b) Climate change programs are one big issue to keep an eye on.

6) Speaking of cliimate change, Canada ranked last among the G-8 as our ghg emissions continue to grow. 

7) I blog fairly regularly over here

Gary Shaul

Gary Shaul is a life-long Torontonian and retired Ontario civil servant. He's been involved with a number of issues over the past 45 years including trade unionism, proportional representation, Indigenous...