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Calling all rabble-rousers…

The rabble Toolbox is a forthcoming section of the rabble site with various activist tools – articles, images, how-to’s, links to online orgs and more – done in a community contributed style similar to a wiki. Like the rest of rabble, the Toolbox is user-driven and aims to provide progressive and independent information that will be of use to the activist community. The Toolbox will be going into beta soon prior to the public launch.

We’re looking for keen rabble members to become beta-testers of this resource! Here’s what a beta-tester can expect. For a period of at least one month, you will help create and edit the initial content of the Toolbox, as well as provide us with feedback about the usability, design and moderation process of the Toolbox through active individual and group discussions. We will use that feedback to implement changes and make it even better.

To become a beta-tester, contact [email protected]

Also, for news and updates as this project gets underway be sure to check



Kim Elliott

Publisher Kim spent her first 16 years on a working family farm in Quebec. Her first memories of rabble rousing are of strike lines, promptly followed by Litton’s closure of the small town...