Ah, Doha, Qatar, where the fourth ministerial conference of the World Trade Organization meets from November 9 to 13. The powers that be did what they could to keep the rabble away, but still they insist with their pesky opinions. Some will even make it to Qatar.

Maude Barlow, chairperson of the Council of Canadians, will be in Doha to monitor the meeting. Her analysis of the draft ministerial declaration is available on the council’s Website. Throughout the conference, her regular audio reports are available there, too.

Breaking news will be a feature of mediachannel. Its article, “Activist Media at the WTO,” provides links to both indymedia and Greenpeace’s coverage of Qatar.

Finally, you can also “Keep up with what’s happening at the WTO meeting in Doha with daily reports from OneWorld’s partner network.”

Happy surfing!