rabble radio 300x300_1

Rabble radio is the flagship show of the rpn. It’s a bi-weekly collection of some of the best interviews and news the rabble podcast network has to offer.

This week, rabble radio unveiled a special gift given to the show by none other than composer, filmmaker, and producer Bob Wiseman.

“I like to help, in my way as an artist, groups that are doing work that I think is important,” said Wiseman in a telephone interview. “Because I tour a lot I listen to a million podcasts, basically. The rabble radio podcast is one of the significant ones that I check.”

The Wiseman-composed rabble radio theme comes in two versions  – one with lyrics, one without. To hear them both, head for episode 105 of rabble radio.

Most of all, big thanks to Bob Wiseman for putting in the time and the effort to make our show a brand new theme.

For more information on Wiseman’s work, go to bobwiseman.ca.