An Arching Peace in Vancouver Jessie Smith, April 22
Anti-FTAA activists weren’t just in Quebec City. At the Washington-B.C. Border, demonstrators could kick back and have a good time. Call it a millennial Be-In.

8:20 p.m., Quebec City Judy Rebick, April 21
Outside the Summit of the Americas, police and protesters clash.

Excuse Me, Is This the Black Bloc? Heather Robinson, April 25
He outlined what the Black Bloc was planning to do when it reached the perimeter. He spoke of the anticipated police reaction when the group got there. He told me about the risk I was in by walking with them. My stomach went into knots.

The Fight for the Americas Maude Barlow, April 21
It’s the morning of April 21, 2001. Tens of thousands of protesters come together in Quebec City. They are going to march in a massive demonstration against the Summit of the Americas. Maude Barlow of the Council of Canadians delivers an electrifying speech in which she addresses the debate about direct action.

Fredericton Man Remains Defiant David Bernans, May 11
Vaughn Barnett went to the Quebec City protests last month. He identified himself as a pacifist. He sat down. Since then, he’s been in Orsainville Prison. Find out why.

Free Jaggi Singh May 4
This is the petition we put up in our rabble-rousers’ section for folks to sign. As of May 14, 7,037 signatures were confirmed. People from around the world participated. It’s a pretty impressive document.

Jaggi Singh Freed on Bail Judy MacDonald, May 7
The breaking news of Monday, May 7 about Mr. Singh’s release.

Going to the Fence Judy Rebick, April 21
Most media attention is on the perimeter breach, and it was an impressive action. First a few, then more, climbed up the chain-link fence and, in a rocking action, pushed it down. By my watch it took less than five minutes for it to come down.

Journal of Citizen #R7263 Louisa Blair, April 18-23

  • Day One:
    What is behind the security fence in Quebec City? This barrier has been erected for a meeting of world leaders. It’s keeping out many others who want in. But still, people live here – with the right documentation. Yesterday, citizen # R7263 went to the bank. Here is what she saw.
  • Day Two:
    Helicopters, men in black, many dogs and their biscuits, and a car that may break down the wall: the Summit of the Americas gears up. People living behind the fence feel the tension.
  • Day Three:
    The men in black get cell phones. The protesters weave, dance and draw. It’s more difficult to get through the fence now. Still, little girls go bicycling and spring proceeds.
  • Day Four:
    The neighborhood feels the sting of tear gas. A police officer talks about the need for more democracy. The fence comes down.
  • Day Five:
    A little girl plays a game of protest-and-repression on the sidewalk. A mother goes outside of the fence, ready with a facemask and a radio. Riot police sleep while the evidence of the clash washes over the streets.
  • Day Six:
    The streets were cleaned before the Summit, and now theyre cleaned again. But the memories are vivid, and the emotions in Quebec City are raw.


Labour Joins Up Judy Rebick, April 20
Representatives of the Canadian Labour Congress and the Canadian Auto Workers agree to participate in direct action today. Quebec City will see the first-ever labour affinity groups. This marks a powerful shift in traditional labour politics.

Let the Vélorution Begin David Bernans, May 2
A lot of bike paths could be created for the price tag of a summit and some international business deals. Bikesheviks were on-hand in Quebec to fill folks in about the impact of free trade. Police made them spin their wheels a little along the way, but still, they got to the city of the summit.

Listen Carefully, Show Some ID Ali Kazimi, May 1
It was a scene right out of a film about a repressive police state – except it happened in Canada, in Quebec City.

Of Catapults and Teddy Bears Judy Rebick , May 8
With the first volley of tear gas, a pink dragon flew over the police. One protester said that he thought he was hallucinating when he saw it.

Open Letter to Paul Bégin, Minister of Justice, Quebec press release from, May 4
The letter concerns the arrest and confinement of activist Jaggi Singh. Signed by Tariq Ali, Noam Chomsky, Barbara Ehrenreich, Naomi Klein, Alexa McDonough, Bob White and others.

Policing the People Judy Rebick, April 22
Some demonstrators fought police. Others didn’t. It made little difference. When people sang and held up peace signs, riot police approached from two sides, trapping the group. After only one warning, the police hurled tear gas directly into the group.

Then there were Five David Bernans, May 12
The Germinal 5 were arrested just before the Summit of the Americas began in Quebec City. After three weeks of imprisonment, they have yet to gain much media attention. Still, supporters have been demanding their liberation. And demonstrations are planned for May 22.

Singh Link to Catapult Confirmed Mike Kaulbars, May 11
Careful examination of photo reveals irrefutable proof, and raises disturbing questions about source of mystery Barney.

This Ain’t No Fooling Around Marc Lee, May 7
For those who came to protest only to be attacked, it was an emotional and radicalizing experience of highs and lows. Quebec was a defiant show of solidarity, reinforced by police actions. This is now a movement united by tear gas.

Thoughts of a Clown Resisto the Clown, April 18
I’ve been juggling for years. I’ve juggled many strange and dangerous objects. I’ve reached the conclusion that it is impossible to juggle capitalism without dropping human, environmental and animal rights. This is the story of a clown’s arrest while juggling.

Turn In Your Teddy Bear for an AK47 press release from The Deconstructionist Institute for Surreal Topology, May 2
DIST announces a campaign of teddy bear rage aimed at freeing the prisoners captured during the Summit of the Americas. They are asking people to catch as many stuffed animals as they can, and mail them to Le Grande Fromage, Jean Chrétien.

Video Chills the Media Stars Judy MacDonald, April 21
Even if you aren’t in Quebec City, there are still ways to be on the ground. Don’t want mainstream news? Try these folks for some alternative spins.

We Made the Catapult, Judy Rebick Got the $$$
press release from the Deconstructionist Institute for Surreal Topology, April 25
Following yet another nabbing of Jaggi Singh (this time, at the Summit of the Americas in Quebec City), and his court appearance today on charges for possession of a weapon (a humongous catapult), the group DIST issued this statement.

We Were All the Black Bloc Alan OConnor, April 21
The police were still doing their little baby steps forward. Many of the protesters had been at other demonstrations, and were not intimidated. Every now and again, there was a determined chant: “Whose streets? Our streets!” There was no sign of the Black Bloc.

What the Deal is for Workers Under NAFTA
Bruce Campbell, April 24
The promise of free trade in North America was prosperity for all; “a rising tide lifts all boats.” But most workers, having no boats, have been swamped by NAFTA. This is a cautionary tale about free trade.

Why Don’t You Take a Picture? Judy MacDonald, April 22
Saturday, police arrested one news photographer, and levelled a rubber bullet at another’s chest.

You Only Get One Life Rick Salutin, April 28
Playwright and columnist Rick Salutin chooses a pivotal moment to return to Quebec City, the launch pad three decades ago for his career as a writer. Amid the turbulence, tear gas and water-cannon fire of April’s Summit of the Americas, he reflects on the links between protests of the past and today’s growing campaign by young people not to wind up as “cogs in a stifling, commercial system.”