News for the Rest of Us — that’s what we promised on April 18, 2001. And that’s what we’ve delivered since. By “we” I mean we: babblers, journalists, in cahoots partners, donors, founding partners, editorial board members, contributing editors, commentators, illustrators, photographers, readers, e-mailers, events posters and staff.

This project has been like nothing else I’ve experienced during my sixteen years working in media. I thank everyone who’s participated for making it happen.

rabble’s future is still somewhat up in the air. Publisher Judy Rebick and others are negotiating a promising partnership with Alternatives and OneWorld.

Still, even if this deal comes through, we will be operating week to week and month to month for the next while. Right now, the editorial budget is not quite 40 per cent of what it was in May. Staff will come back in January, still on reduced hours, hoping that our fundraising efforts will raise enough to cover the month’s expenses, including our salaries.

We are overwhelmed by the individual support is getting. In October, we asked for $25,000. Early the next month, that money had already come in. We sent out direct mail requests for donations in the middle of November. Already, $18,000 in support has came back as a result.

One handy thing about rabble’s holiday break — you can check out what’s been done around here, think about what it means to you and then donate. By happy coincidence, the donation section of the site will be usable over these next two weeks.

babble is back December 31. The rest of “the rest of us” return January 7.

Happy holidays, everyone.