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This week in the weekly blog roundup we look at the questionable political tactics of the Conservative Party, the stories of Occupy Canada camps, accountability and action for and by all for violence against women, the bogus Canada-U.S border deal and Israel’s next move on Gaza. We also round out the week with a more in-depth look at the living conditions for many First Nations and reminders to a younger self on how to be an active and connected community member.

Eva Bartlett recounts waking to the recent deafening explosions outside her central Gaza house and the news that Israel has warned that it might cut the supply of water and electricity to the Gaza Strip if the Fatah and Hamas rival movements form a unity government in Next Israel will ban oxygen from Gaza.

Dirty political tactics by the Conservative Party may just keep 72-year-old Montreal Liberal MP Irwin Cotler hanging onto his seat as Karl Nerenberg reports in Hill Dispatches: The ethnic politics game.

Krystalline Kraus gives the breakdown and tells the stories of 11 Occupy camps in Canada from conception to inevitable eviction notice in Occupy Canada: City status report.

“This is not just a ‘women’s issue.’ This is an issue for all of us,” echoes from David J. Climenhaga’s passionate call Dec. 6: Time for men to start speaking up about violence against women.

Both James Laxer and Maude Barlow and Stuart Trew comment on the proposed border deal between the Canada-U.S. border in The Harper government’s bogus case for a border deal with the U.S. and Stephen Harper’s unilateralism at the border gets us nowhere respectively.

Romeo Saganash gives a powerful report on what needs to be done to support our First Nations and to stop crisis situations from happening over and over again in Two sides of the same bay.

“Create. Participate. Share.” Tara Mahoney reminds herself in a letter of how a community can make change and imagine a new story in Dear Generation Why: A letter to my younger self.

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Image courtesy of Tara Mahoney.