Hello, rabblers! Want to be the most interesting person at work on Monday? You know what to do: start your weekend with some awesome rabble blogs.

The Conservatives have asked The Council of Canadians to put up $250 000 in case their election fraud application fails. Here’s what the Council has to say.

The CBC Radio show The Invisible Hand recently asked if we should be buying the products of sweatshop labour. Roger Annis on why you can’t just look at it from an economic point of view.

Kavna wasn’t the whale in Raffi’s Baby Beluga, but he misses the “most adorable creature I’ve ever seen” all the same.

Don’t want a kid? Don’t worry. Meghan Murphy on why the baby doesn’t make the woman.

Lower emissions or creative accounting? Christian Holz argues it’s the latter.

Lastly, a big blow to affordable transportation in the Maritimes: no more Acadian lines. Read about it on Campus Notes and write to us about how it will affect you!