Another week, another roundup, and this week is just as packed as last! We take a small divergence this week to look at Remembrance Day, Vancouver Island logging, Ontario child care, the Vancouver election and the Keystone pipeline, but quickly snap back to everything Occupy. With eviction notices showing up in Occupy camps everywhere, resistance seems futile, yet protesters refuse to stand down, and rabble.ca bloggers write some beautiful and passionate letters and posts on their opinions and experiences with Occupy.

Remembering what’s important on Remembrance Day by Gerry Caplan puts some much-needed perspective on the topical conversations of Remembrance Day and Canada’s participation and spending in the name of “defence.”

Remember when the government was accountable for child care? — neither do we. Martha Friendly delves into the frustrating situation of child care in Ontario in It’s time for the Ontario to deliver on child care and the continuing closures, cuts and exploding fees.

With the Vancouver election looming on Saturday, #VanElxn: Roundup 1 by David P. Ball gives insight into the surprising main issue of this election: Occupy Vancouver.

Heartfelt post Dreaming big: The Occupy movement and the media by Marusya Bociurkiw is a beautiful glimpse inside the community atmosphere of Occupy Toronto and the forces that are trying to rip it apart.

Eviction notices continue to fly towards Occupy movements and Regina is not immune. Activist Communique: Occupy Regina remains as eviction date comes and goes by Krystalline Kraus give the lowdown of Regina’s commitment to the cause.

The often overlooked Occupy Ottawa movement receives some kudos as well as some constructive criticism in Two dispatches from Occupy Ottawa by Aalya, discussing the determination of the movement but also some of its shortcomings and problems.

Get the facts about the continued logging of the Nanoose Bay Forest in Activists fight back against logging rare Coastal Douglas fir by Tria Donaldson.

Apparently Canadian Finanace Minister Jim Flaherty thinks threatening the United States with a relationship with China is the right thing to do as Brain Topp explains in The Keystone pipeline and ‘oil disease’.

Dear 1 per cent: Derrick O’Keefe and Velcrow Ripper send their regards in An open letter to the 1 per cent: You cannot evict an idea whose time has come and Occupy Wall Street: You cannot evict the evolution respectively.

Photo courtesy of Marusya Bociurkiw.