The holidays are upon us and you know what that means: victims of workplace injury are once again left out to dry by the government, poverty is blamed on those experiencing poverty and racism is disguised by the protection of “Canadian values.” Canada seems to be in a nosedive thanks to Harper’s Conservative government and our wonderful bloggers are not afraid to dissect, disagree and challenge the actions and repercussions in this week’s weekly blog roundup.

John Bonnar reports on the 20th annual injured workers’ Christmas demonstration in Injured workers want justice, not poverty and the repercussions of workplace injury and the consequences of government’s ignorance.

Premier Clark’s economic policy for B.C. families includes a natural gas pipeline, 1600 megawatts of power and you and I picking up the tab in Jim Quail’s Site C and the Kitimat LNG export terminal: Christy Clark’s program for income redistribution.

Dark clouds continue to form over Canada as Jesse McLaren tackles the ideas of poverty, racism, environmental destruction and cutbacks in Attawapiskat, Katrina and imperialism and Harper’s misguided claims on blame and economics.

Conservative lunacy continues to reign according to Nick Day (and progressive Canadians) in We hate the niqab: Minister Kenney and Barbara Kay protect ‘Canadian values’ from Muslim immigrants after the latest shameful announcement: “Muslim women” are now required to remove all face-covering garments before taking the citizenship oath.

Canada preforms the equivalent of a text message dump to the Kyoto Protocol and continues to be even more ignorant, selfish and rude After Durban: We must pull the emergency brake before the 1 per cent drive us off the cliff by Derrick O’Keefe.

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Image courtesy of Jesse McLaren.