Protesters in London

Everyone’s been following London’s Olympics, and rabble’s blogs are no exception.

Saif Alnuweiri’s global press review looks at Olympic stories from all over the world. Check it out for news about security, congestion and a ban on headscarves in judo.

The London Olympics come with a heavy military presence and strict corporate control. Rabble’s Derrick O’Keefe spoke to anti-war activist and Londoner Lindsey German.

Looking to escape Olympic coverage for a bit?

Baseball card education: Travis Reitsma on why everyone should have a problem with “Indian” iconography in sports.

Is community policing about intimidation or accountability? Syed Hussan examines the situation in Toronto.

Ellie Gordon-Moershell blogs about openly gay artist Syd tha Kid and contradictions between progress and misogyny in hip-hop.

Lastly, sneak a peek! Look inside the Best of rabble 2011 book. 


Photo: Protesters in London, from Derrick O’Keefe’s blog.