Wow! rabble.ca’s blog dashboard was chock-full of so much amazing writing it was a holiday gift all in itself — except for the painstaking task of paring them all down for this week’s rabble.ca weekly blog roundup! This week we take a look at abortion politics in Canada, feminist identities and Attawapiskat history. Then, we check out what our lovely prime minister and his squad of faithful servants have been up to creating our country, discussing our health care and discriminating against just about everyone in the process. 

The Bloc Quebecois has a new leader — and Quebec seems not to care, as Pierre Beaudet dissects the recent victory and the resulting non-event in The Bloc Quebecois gets a new leader. What does it mean for Quebec politics?

Prioritizing “Canadian safety” seems to be a hop, skip and a jump away from becoming U.S. Justice Department Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s pervasive culture of discriminatory bias and systemic racism and profiling as reported by David J. Climenhaga in ‘A pervasive culture of discriminatory bias’ — the justice model for Canada’s loony right.

Gerry Caplan ain’t seen nothing yet, nor has Canada, with Stephen Harper at the helm for four more years, and one can only guess how those will go in How Stephen Harper is creating a new Canada.

Megan Murphy discusses the questionable and somewhat contentious idea of what a feminist should be by exploring her recent interviews and her own ethics in Should feminists be vegetarian?

Pamela Palmater’s informational post Brave leadership spreads hope: Attawapiskat takes on the ultimate bully gives some much-needed detail and context about the history of this proud First Nation.

“What are you creating, winning, doing,” screams Syed Hussain in the passionate plea for action, commitment and communication in Our friends are in jail.

The Harper government strikes again in Bad medicine: Harper’s prescription for privatizing Medicare by Jesse McLaren with their announcement for a new funding arrangement for Medicare by imposing, but what else, cuts!

Abortion: The debate is on, like it or not – Part One by Mercedes Allen tackles the recent statement issued by backbench Member of Parliament Stephen Woodworth, abortion legislation and the definition of “human” and who or what human rights protection can be extended to.

Let us all remember that the holidays are a time that privilege reigns beyond just the buying of gifts and extends to how we all celebrate as well, as Marusya Bociurkiw reminds us in Don we now our queer apparel.

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Image courtesy Syed Hussain.