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Welcome back!

Well no surprises here, the blog dash was burning up with opinions on the NDP leadership candidate-turned victor Thomas Mulcair. Some were outraged, others not surprised and a few urged us to move on to the bigger fight: defeating Harper.

As always, the bloggers have provided us with other stimulating conversation topics such as the Conservatives’ outlook on Indigenous communities, Carleton students’ views of pro-Israeli Apartheid investments, University of Calgary’s view on satire and the continued exclusion of trans people from everything.

Enjoy this extended instalment of the weekly blog roundup!

Mulcair’s silence on the Quebec student strike provided ominous foreshadowing to the events of the NDP leadership election and the Quebec student movement in At a crossroads: Will it be Mulcair or the Maple Spring? by Derrick O’Keefe.

“We ain’t seen nothing yet: this majority government is not even a year old,” Karl Nerenberg states in Hill Dispatches: The NDP leadership vote matters. More truer words were never spoken.

Judy Rebick provides three narratives outlining the politics, consequences and decisions that went into Mulcair’s victory as NDP leader, which may ultimately divide and lose the alliances of the NDP and social movements in Understanding the victory of Thomas Mulcair.

Oh, Cat Reporter — your feline charms are too persuasive! Another instalment of Cat Reporter’s infiltration of the NDP leadership race and a lethal toast to Mulcair in An orange Kool-Aid toast to the latest NDP potentate.

“As Oliver’s heart bled for the poor Indians, he said it was his goal to ‘give’ aboriginals some hope” — Joe Oliver and curing conservative dysfunction. Pamela Palmater: I love you.

Carleton University is the first university in Canada to divest funds from companies complicit in the occupation of Palestine in SAIA Divestment Campaign moves forward: GSA referendum passes by 72% by Students Against Israeli Apartheid.

Ah! Anti-Canadian extremists! Oh no wait, it is just No One is Illegal and their concerns about changes in immigration and refugee policy in Conservatives using No One Is Illegal to distract from anti-immigrant record.

A somewhat decisive win for Thomas Mulcair doesn’t necessarily mean decisive support, as Fred Wilson explains the palpable tensions and reservations of the victory in Mulcair and the new NDP: A time of change.

Murray Dobbin lays into his reasons for hesitation in supporting the new NDP leader Thomas Mulcair in Mulcair it is.

Gary Shaul tells it like it is: Thomas Mulcair is the new leader, these are his strengths, these are his weakness, now to defeat Harper in Congratulations to Tom Mulcair.

University of Calgary partners with Enbridge to launch a sustainability centre, missing April Fools’ Day by four days as discussed by Tyler McCreary in University of Calgary opens the Enbridge Centre of Corporate Sustainability, satire dies.

Beauty pageants may seem trivial at times, but Mercedes Allen argues that those who choose to participate, should be allowed to regardless in On trans beauty contestants.

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