Revolution’s in the air this week. Up on Burnaby Mountain, daily protests against exploratory drilling for proposed pipelines continue, with over 100 arrests made against protestors in violation of a court injuction ordering them to keep away from the drilling sites. B.C. Grand Chief Stewart Phillip joined the fray Thursday, willingly submitting himself to arrest as an act of solidarity. You can read Roger Annis’ outline of the events here.

The rousing atmosphere on Burnaby may mean a silver lining for our common struggle. Samantha Nock points out that issues such as environmental destruction unite both Indigenous and non-Indigenous folk, and so we must re-think Indigenous solidarity with our common goals in mind. But before we do this, we must expunge of the “crooked Indian” myth purported by the Harper government, writes Pamela Palmater. 

But still, roadblocks in the long and arduous battle against climate change are more than inevitable, especially leading up to UN Climate Negotiations in Decemeber. This week marks our first blog post by the Canadian Youth Delegation as they prepare for the negotiations in Peru. In it, they write a scathing open letter to the Harper government, which you can read here.

From the Pacific to the Midwest, the injustice in Ferguson is still fresh. In a joltingly personal narrative, Anne Thériault identifies the fundamental cause for such tragedy: a system that is not broken, but built on exclusion.

From one exclusion to another, Kaity Cooper tackles women’s underrepresentation in business, and calls for a debunking of the “lean in” myth. You can read her piece here

Our other feminist crusader, Meghan Murphy, was on a roll this week. She throws her hat in the ring on Ghomeshi-gate, refuting mainstream media’s use of the term “non-consensual” to refer to abuse. Finally, she opens our eyes to women’s fundamental “human right” to a fruity vagina. Ah equality, how sweet it is!

Jessica Prupas

Jessica Prupas

Jessica Prupas is a Montreal-based writer and editor. She recently received her B.A. from McGill, and is currently navigating those choppy post-collegiate waters. Jessica was rabble’s blogs intern...