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Dear readers, 

In April, rabble.ca celebrated 23 years of publishing; a feat that, last autumn, we couldn’t be sure if we’d make. 

Over the past year, our board and staff have been very transparent with you, readers, about the state of the organization as we moved through significant financial challenges and seasons of change. 

After scaling back and making some operational changes over the last eight months – and thanks to the effort of our dedicated team – we’re very glad to share that rabble is seeing some light at the end of the tunnel, and we are feeling proud, grateful and excited for the future of rabble!

While many of our indie media organization peers are making the hard decision to close down, rabble.ca’s place in Canada’s news landscape (at least for now) is secure. 

But we can’t stay in this privileged place without you. 

While things are on the upswing, we continue to be, as ever, in need of your support; and our summer donation campaign year-to-year remains an important part of our annual fundraising efforts. 

What’s on the docket this summer? 

In July, join rabble.ca as we speak to folks on the ground at the University of Toronto’s Palestine encampment. In this multi-part series, we will take an in-depth look into UofT’s People’s Circle for Palestine, featuring stories and interviews from the students, educators, and supporters who are dedicated to fighting the good fight for Palestine. 

Also this summer, our rabble rousers to watch series continues, highlighting the organizations and individuals inspiring progressive change in neighbourhoods near you. 

And – as always – our commitment to labour news, environmental coverage and political analysis remains a cornerstone of our reporting. 

To show our appreciation, we’ve got great giveaway prizes! 

To ensure that rabble can continue publishing content that is truthful, relevant, and inclusive, we have set our summer fundraising goal at $50,000. The funds we raise will go directly to paying our writers, editors, and other contributors who are committed to providing independent journalism and storytelling that makes a difference. 

Whether you can contribute $1, $10 or $1,000, every bit counts! 

To sweeten the deal, three winners will be chosen from new monthly donors (starting today until August 5, 2024) who donate $10 or more a month to receive one of three great prizes.

Those prizes are: 

  • an original art piece by artist Beatrice Hawkins;  
  • two annual tickets to the Art Gallery of Ontario 
  • two season passes to The Ex 

In an era marked by an onslaught of misinformation, and with limited access to progressive Canadian media, now is a crucial moment to donate. 

If you value what we do, we humbly ask you to join us in our summer fundraising efforts today! 

Donate today by clicking this link. Your contribution truly makes it possible for us to continue providing news for the rest of us!

Thank you for your support and dedication to independent journalism.

Be a rabble rouser; support rabble.ca today! 

Tali Zrehen

Tali Zrehen

Tali Zrehen is an executive director at Canadian Media Guild based in Toronto, Ontario. She also serves on rabble's board of directors. Previously, Tali was a director of community care and home care...