Hello rabble readers and listeners!

We are the volunteer co-hosts of rabble’s live monthly political panel, Off the Hill. It has been a blast to moderate these events with special guests like Leah Gazan MP, Paul Taylor, Karl Nerenberg, David Macdonald, Clayton Thomas-Müller, El Jones, Rachel Snow, Chuka Ejeckam, Sheila Block, Avi Lewis and Diana Yoon.

It’s with enthusiasm that we support rabble’s 21 thousand dollars in 21 days campaign because we want to see Off the Hill continue to be a regular feature of rabble’s news coverage and reader and listener engagement.

Since 2019, we’ve hosted provoking and insightful discussions, from the impacts of the pandemic, workers’ and indigenous rights, federal budgets, the crisis of capitalism, the assault on Ukraine, the climate emergency, income security, peace and disarmament and much, much more.

None of these Off the Hill events would have been possible without rabble’s dedicated team working with us. rabble has boldly created the space and encouraged energetic and keen political discussion on the left. We are proud to be a part of this community media outreach to engage, analyze, and be a catalyst for social justice and action.

We live in turbulent times, politically, environmentally and for many, personally. What we love about rabble and Off the Hill, is its commitment to connect people and communities with excellent coverage of the key issues that face us. We know that rabble amplifies the voices of activists and reaches deep into communities that are often ignored, ensuring that our experience, values, and desire for change is heard.

We also know that rabble relies on its reader and listener community to sustain its work. The importance of progressive independent media is more critical than ever.

Anything you can give from $21 to $210, or more, will help rabble broaden its reach and have a greater impact amplifying critical social movements. For these reasons we ask for your support – we know a little, from many, goes a long way.

We are determined to keep rabble’s work thriving – please join us and support rabble in its 21st year!

In solidarity,

Robin Browne and Libby Davies
Co-Hosts, Off the Hill

P.S. Thank you so much for considering supporting rabble today. For any of our rabble readers and rabble radio listeners who haven’t made the leap to being a donor yet, there’s no better time than now to make your first gift in honour of rabble’s 21st anniversary! And, as a new supporter, you will get a chance to win a copy of Everything on (the) Line.


Robin Browne

Robin Browne is an African-Canadian communications professional and the co-lead of the 613-819 Black Hub, living in Ottawa. His blog is The “True” North.

Libby Davies

Libby served five terms as a Vancouver City Councillor before being elected as Member of Parliament for Vancouver East in 1997. Re-elected for her fourth term in 2008, Libby is the Deputy Leader of...