a picture of youth from around the globe standing in solidarity with Tuvalu and Small Island States

Time sure flies when you’re at a COP.

I’ve just found the lounging area behind the Tycho Brahe plenary and despite the many delegation meetings going on, this is the place to be if you need a break from the hustle and bustle. Proof : many delegates seem to come here for quick cat naps.

Negotiations are suspended just now. Tuvalu is trying to enforce a legal and transparent process, in order for a legally binding outcome to come out of COP15, which is getting the support of the G-77/China but is being blocked by others, namely the U.S. and Australia. This “break” notwithstanding, things have been happening furiously fast.

Moey Newbold, a youth from the Cascade Climate Network, spoke in one of the plenaries to deliver a youth adaptation intervention; international youth held a “thunderstorm action” just this afternoon (will post link asap) ; CYD’s very own and very fabulous Taryn MacKenzie-Mohr delivered a stirring statement at this morning’s Canadian Delegation NGO briefing/Q&A session ; this statement was inspired by an action that happened yesterday in support of Tuvalu, a small Polynesian island nation that walked out of negotiations. It was truly stunning to see youth, a truly international youth body, rally together to support small island states. And last but not least, we (the CYD) also got together with a banner and a few hundred copies of a fresh off the press Climate Action Network report to tell the Canadian government to “stop tarring Canada’s image”.

I’m officially late for a meeting. More to come.