If you’re looking for new and fresh ways to spice up an existing campaign, or you’re looking for tips to knock your next project out of the park, check out this guide.

It focuses on new and uncommon ideas to help prepare a successful campaign. The author’s angle is environmentalist – specifically a reduction in pesticides – but there are tons of useful tips for organizers in all activist realms.

A lot of the advice is simple, suggestions such as saying thank you to everyone who’s involved, in even the smallest of roles, in the organizing. That being said, sometimes the smallest changes are enough to re-ignite a dying group or project.

Here are some of the best tips:

-provide simple answers to the opposition’s arguments

-set positive, feasible goals that resonate with people

-work without letting your ego get in the way

-gather as many volunteers as possible to help push your actions to success

-employ (non-offensive) humour and great artistic/visual components

-involve “unlikely” people – it can only expand the reach of your activism