From laugh out loud videos, to political cartoons, memes and blogs, The Satire Project will be Canada’s hub for the best political mockery and comedic commentary from around the web. We’re excited that the crack team of comics at The Satire Project is going to partner with rabble.ca to whip our democracy back into shape. 

The Satire Project’s fundraising campaign over on IndieGoGo is almost over. You have until November 16th at midnight PST to donate. If you still need a bit of convincing, we present to you the top ten reasons you should donate to the satire project today.

10. You want to see the Harper Puppet Pals in a finger-puppet sized replica of the House of Commons.

9. You just can’t enjoy an espresso without Vito. (Plus, you’re really into his purple bathrobe).

8. Watching Sun News TV is excruciating. Which is why our comedians do it for you!


7. Marc Emery makes a way better Prime Minister.
Dope Diplomacy Issue 1—Syria

6. The backroom Ottawa gossip of “Capital Diaries” is your favourite new guilty pleasure.

5. You have been promised a family vacation to Millhaven Maximum Security Penitentiary.

4. You know that Stephen Harper isn’t God, but don’t mind thinking about the possibilities.

Harper: God of Canada 1-3

3. You are really curious about what Peter Kent, the Lizard King’s terrarium looks like.

The Lizard Kent?

2. You want to see a live-action Zombie Trudeau at the Liberal Leadership Convention in April (Yup! We’re doing that).

Zombie Trudeau!

1. In these dark times, it’s better to laugh than cry…

And if these ten reasons aren’t enough, check out the blog post that outlines why satire is good for democracy, and why rabble.ca believes in this project. And don’t forget, you also get some amazing perks for donating!

You have until Friday, the 16th of November at midnight PST to help us make The Satire Project a permanent reality for us all. No contribution is too small. Seriously. We do a happy dance every time we get $10. You don’t even want to know what we do each time we get $25…

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With deep thanks,

Suzanne Gallant and Andreas Krebs