The following declaration was issued in Hammamet, Tunisia, during the second international preparatory meeting of the World Social Forum (WSF) 2013. 

The World Social Forum Dignity-Karama will take place as foreseen in Tunis, from the 26th to the 30th of March 2013. The active involvment of movements, organizations, trade unions, platforms and networks from Tunisia, Maghreb, Machrek, Sub-saharan African, Americas, Europe and from all over the world is allowing us to hope a successful, popular and dynamic Forum. 

More than 4000 organizations and networks are already registered and proposed more than 1500 activities. The international organizations, social movements and unions will come to Tunis to pay tribute, express their solidarity to movements from Tunisia, Maghreb and Machrek, to their past or current revolts and struggles, for social justice, democracy and dignity. A movement which, despite the current difficulties in Tunisia, is asserting itself with strenght and determination.

The mobilization of the Tunisian organizations and activists as well as the support provided by the university authorities and the students who will host the Forum on the Campus. The administrative and governmental authorities have reasserted their commitment to facilitate the material conditions for the Forum, its security and its good proceedings. All the measures have been taken to ensure the respect of the Porto Alegre Charter and the respect of the open, inclusive and non-violent dimension of the WSF space. 

The Tunis World Social Forum for Dignity/Karama will gather thousands of men and women who, through their actions, achievements, struggles, contribute to another world, another world of social justice, of local and global democracy, of respect of environment, of dignity, equality of rights for all women and men, another world possible and necessary. 

Hammamet, February 2013