Demand Conjugal Visits for all Political Prisoner Now!

On April 20, during protests against the Summit of the Americas, Jaggi Singh was nabbed by undercover police and charged with several offenses, the most serious being possession of a dangerous weapon. The weapon in question was an enormous catapult used to launch helpless teddy bears across the security perimeter. Those responsible for this heinous crime have denied that Singh had anything to do with their glorious catapult, and today will be sending in signed confessions of guilt to the authorities, and turning in their stuffed comrades to local police stations across the country. Meanwhile, Singh has been denied bail, and will be held for several months until his trial.

DIST, the group behind the catapult action, has also learned that Singh and other political prisoners are being denied conjugal visits. Needless to say, this is a clear violation of the Geneva Convention, and DIST has asked that Amnesty International investigate this terrible abuse of human rights.

DIST is also announcing a campaign of teddy bear rage aimed at freeing the prisoners captured during the Summit of the Americas. They are asking people to catch as many stuffed animals as they can, and mail them to Le Grande Fromage, Jean Chrétien (this can be done free of charge), and to Quebec Justice Minister Paul Begin (addresses below).

In order to encourage the public to send in their stuffed animals, DIST has sent out a fake press release announcing a teddy bear exchange program, similar to the gun exchanges which occur in the United States.

DIST is demanding the following:

  • We want our catapult back!
  • Free Jaggi Singh and other POWs.
  • Conjugal visits for all political prisoners.
  • Worldwide revolution with eternal grooviness as its only goal.

We ask that people turn in their stuffed animals until all demands are met.

e-mails of rage can be sent to: paul.begin/depute/[email protected]