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Dear American neighbours,

I have a relative who lives independently with his who was 97 years old when he fell and broke his hip. The next day he was in the hospital

And a day later he had a hip replacement operation. And next month he will celebrate his 100th birthday while still living independently with his wife.

One cannot imagine a US insurance company authorizing the large expenditure of a hip operation to be done on a person of that age. In the US my relative would have suffered in bed for a year in a hospital bed and died.

This talk in the States about government health care targeting aged people for poor service and early deaths is wrong. It is private health care in the US that does it.

Daniel Henshaw

Pender Island, B.C.


Dear American neighbours,

My son, 23, has been a Type 1 diabetic since age 3. I don’t think I could have made it without Canada’s health care. My mother was in and out of hospital for 4 years before she died, with many costly proceedures- my father would have lost his home and his savings under your system. Health care for the rich-only is immoral and an outrage, so fight for your health care Americans! I’m rooting for you.



Dear American neighbours,

I am writing to clarify some misconceptions about Canada’s health care system.

1.) Canadians like our system, accept for a few rich right-wing people who think they should have better, faster service than the rest of us, a few doctors who want to get very rich by having private clinics, some Conservatives and Conservative politicians like our present Prime Minister Steven Harper who are believers in the law of the jungle. The health care insurance companies are continually using the right-wing media, like my local newspaper, to tell us we should privatize our health care. Many Canadians fight continually to keep our health care public.

2.) We can choose our own doctor and I have never been without a doctor (age 75). I can get an appointment within a few days and sooner if necessary.

3.) There are waiting lists for some things, but they are not long. My wife, who could need a knee replacement in the future, would have to wait a few weeks after she decides to go ahead.

4.) We experience no government intervention regarding services for legitimate needs.

5.) “Socialism” is not a dirty word and not something to be feared. It simply means that everyone gets the basic things they need like health care, education, and water. In Canada the doctors have private practices, and are paid by the government.

Jim Riesberry

Brockville, ON


Dear American neighbours,

I am a Canadian citizen who LOVES the canadian healthcare system, as I have received excellent, timely and grand care for the past 38 years.  I moved to Canada in 1971, received my health card, a proud and happy day!  In the states only the worst emergencies would get us to the doctor.  HERE I GO WHENEVER I NEED TO, to a doctor I chose and have confidence and affection for, and vice versa.  Same for my female nurse practitioner.
I have had every test I need and ones i request that my doctor agrees is warranted, incl. annual pap tests and complete physical, MRI, CATscans, x-rays, ultra sounds, stress tests, colonscopy, hospital stay, arthritis tests, blood work on a regular basis, whatever!  All totally paid for by our universal system.  I see a endocrine specialist on a regular basis to treat hyperthyroidism, absolutely without payment. There are tests I’ve had that i can’t remember i am sure.  I work closely all year long with my doctor, nurse practitioner, whatever i require.
We CHOOSE our OWN DOCTORS. DOCTORS DO NOT WORK FOR THE GOVERNMENT – they have their private practices as they do in the US.  The difference is PATIENTS COME FIRST, and COST IS MUCH LESS TO THE SYSTEM  – way less.  Patients do not receive bills in Nova Scotia.  

I or any of my family have NEVER had to wait for any treatment or test for more than 3 weeks, usually a week or two at most. I have friends who have had surgery including heart valve replacement and cyst and tumour removals without cost to them, with best outcomes, absolutely 100% top treatments all.  

The people spreading lies about Canada’s health care system should be prosecuted I think.  Doctors in the US have become business people first, doctors second. Patients come after doctors check their bank balances in many places, please see documents relating to health care in McAllen, Texas!

Mayo Clinic is run as a co-operative and is a wonderful example of when patients come first in the USA.  Too bad that is an exception in the USA.  It is the rule in Canada.  Doctors work for themselves, yes, but the system helps them to put the patient first and keep costs down.

I know many doctors who are not greedy too, but caring professionals who are working hard to support Obama’s plans.  

 I sure hope Obama can prevail against the greedy doctors, pharmaceutical companies and other corporate interests that are spreading such malicious lies – how can they get away with this?  The hysteria is causing so much pain and suffering, it is hard to believe that people are working against their own best interest.

Americans need to WAKE UP, and demonstrate for their best interests, they can have the health care they need!  Canadians DO!

Good luck, Barack,

Carolyn Mudge

Mabou, Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia, Canada