In this podcast: Food bank recipients volunteer, Tibetan Buddhism in B.C. Prisons and Baka Beyond on a train platform in Nanaimo, B.C.


(1:40 – 7:47) Sachin Seth went to the Fort York Food Bank to talk about how the recession was affecting the facility, but found food bank recipients volunteering their time to keep the place running. Here are three of their stories.

(8:22 – 20:39) Anne McNeil is a Tibetan Buddhist nun who leads meditations in B.C. prisons. In this interview with Stark Raven: Prison Justice, she talks about what teaching meditation in prisons is like, and what the prisons get out of having meditation available for prisoners.

(21:29 – 26:40) Baka Beyond have worked with and learned music from the Baka people of Cameroon. The band’s singer Su Hart was riding a train that stopped for 7 minutes in Nanaimo, where Living on Purpose’s Lynn Thompson caught up with her for a quick interview.


Meagan Perry

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Alex Samur

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