We’ve talked about self-care on the Activist Toolkit before – most recently with the Self Care Project. But the easy part of the equation is realizing that we all deserve to spend time and energy taking care of ourselves. The tough part is actually doing it! In the same vein, it can be really challenging to begin carving out some type of self-care routine if you’re not sure where to start (and especially when you’re strapped for time and/or financial resources).

There’s an amazing toolkit called the “Self-Care Starter Kit” put together by the School of Social Work at the University of Buffalo. The toolkit has tip sheets, checklists, suggestions for self-care activities, basically anything you could wish for in developing a self-care plan. Each section also has lots of information and explanation about why that particular idea or aspect is important to self-care.


If you’re looking for guidance in building a self-care routine, developing a support network, and creating a plan that works for your life, definitely take a few minutes to look at this resource.


Here’s what the toolkit contains:


-guide to creating “maintenance” AND emergency self-care plans

-resources to evaluate your routine and plan

-readings from self-care professionals

-self-care exercises

-tips for developing an appropriate support system

-other resources and tools