Protein sources, iron deficiencies and a loss of favourite recipes are common concerns for rookie vegans. Are you thinking about going vegan? You don’t have to worry about any of the above, but sometimes it takes a solid resource to convince you otherwise.


Check out this guide from the Victoria Vegan to help ease your worries and provide information and tips for transitioning into a vegan lifestyle. From debunking myths to great recipes, this resource is a really comprehensive look at the benefits of removing animal products from your diet and home.


Some of the opening information is a little bit dense – but keep in mind there are interviews, quick answers to your questions, and great recipes just a few pages down.


Here’s what you can expect to find:


-Recipes for all meals and circumstance (think fancy risotto, easy morning French toast, and healthy soups, pasta dishes, and dessert)

-Recommendations for vegan cosmetics

-Alternative clothing sources to help you avoid leather, fur, etc.

-Comments from vegan athletes

-“Mythbusting” for your worries

-Traditional farming practices supported by consuming animal products

-Environmental benefits of a vegan lifestyle