Woah. Looks like you folks really like videos about how CSEC is charging taxpayers billions of dollars to invade our privacy.

I mean, we probably shouldn’t have been that surprised after thousands of Canadians spoke up to rein in CSEC and end reckless spying on innocent citizens. But still, we reserve the right to be stoked when several thousand people watch our video the first day we launched it on YouTube. As of this morning, over 4,500 people have watched this video:

If that wasn’t cool enough, amazing organizations like the Canadian Civil Liberties Association, Council of Canadians, Canadian Journalists for Free Expression, Electronic Frontier Foundation, Occupy Canada, the Pirate Party, the Surveillance Studies Centre, Voices-VOIX, and many others shared it. A bunch of media has also picked the video up — the Tyee, Press Progress, Motherboard, rabble.ca and others posted stories about the video and our campaign to reform CSEC. We also got covered on B.C.’s Global News last night.

Even cooler: decision-makers are starting to take notice of what Canadians are saying! NDP MP Charmaine Borg and Liberal MP Joyce Murray have each shared the video with their many followers on social media. Murray recently tabled a private member’s bill to make CSEC more accountable and transparent — we need to keep up the pressure to ensure MPs give this the consideration it deserves.

This is what happens when Canadians speak together with one voice — decision-makers pay attention and we get things done. That’s why it’s so important to keep the momentum up. If you haven’t already — heck, even if you have — can you take a couple of minutes to share the video with your friends? Make sure to sign our action page and give that a share too.

Our video is also available captioned en français, so show off that bilingualism and share it in French, too.

Together, we can rein in reckless government spying.