This is getting ridiculous.  

–  First, spy agency CSEC assured us they didn’t spy on Canadians.

–  Then, they admitted to “incidentally” collecting our private data.

–  Now, it’s finally been officially revealed that CSEC retained the private communications of dozens of Canadians, all of which were intercepted without a warrant. But they still aren’t coming clean about how many Canadians they spied on in the first place.

Today we’re supporting Open Media’s new viral video to expose just how CSEC could be monitoring Canadians everywhere. Click here to watch the video — then share it right now with everyone you know online.

This is a crucial time to spread the word about CSEC spying. Decision-makers from across the political spectrum are speaking out and calling for action. Proposed new legislation was recently announced that would take great strides toward reining in CSEC.

Now that Parliament is back in session, we need to make sure MPs hear from as many Canadians as possible. That’s why it’s so important we spread the word about Open Media’s video.

We know that hard-hitting viral videos like this can be hugely effective in making MPs take notice. We need to work together to amplify our voices right now and ensure MPs know that reckless and invasive government spying is unacceptable to Canadians.

Open Media has successfully beat back previous government spying plans. When we stand together there’s nothing we can’t achieve. Can you take a moment to watch the video then share it with everyone you know:

 Thanks for being part of this.