Good news everyone — it looks like Parliamentarians are taking notice of our rapidly growing campaign against online spying in Canada. Thanks to a massive outcry from the pro-Privacy community, they’ve invited our Steve Anderson to testify before key Members of Parliament on the Standing Committee on Justice and Human Rights next Tuesday, June 3.

This is a crucially important committee of key MPs who are examining Bill C-13, the legislation that would grant legal immunity to telecom providers for handing over your private information to the government without a warrant. C-13 would also allow “public officials” — a frighteningly vague group including city mayors like Rob Ford — warrantless access to Canadians’ private information.

Now we need to hear from you. Let us know what you want Steve to tell MPs in the comments section below. Remember to have your say before June 2, as we’ll be pulling all your input together to take it directly to key Parliamentarians on Tuesday. You can also give input via Facebook, Google+, reddit, and Twitter.

This opportunity couldn’t be more timely, as debate around the Online Spying Bill C-13 is intensifying. Recently the rumble of opposition to online spying has turned into a roar, with key figures speaking out, including the Ontario Privacy Commissioner Ann Cavoukian, Conservative elder statesman Stockwell Day, and Carol Todd, mother of cyberbullying victim Amanda Todd.

As long-time readers will know, Steve’s been instrumental in speaking up on Canadians’ behalf about our online privacy. His efforts helped defeat Vic Toews’ legislation that would have allowed public officials access to a frightening amount of Canadians’ private information.

Remember, Steve needs to hear from you — tell us what you think he should highlight when he meets with key MPs next Tuesday.

At OpenMedia we see opportunities like this as a chance for our community to raise their voices and create real change. This is an important moment for us to speak up and let lawmakers know what real people want. We can have a strong impact when we speak together, so make sure to add your voice — let us know what you want Steve to tell MPs.

Be sure to send us your input before next Monday, June 2, as we’ll be pulling all your input together to take it directly to MPs on Tuesday. You can also take part in this discussion on Facebook, Google+, reddit, and Twitter.