Canadian Federation of Nurses Unions December 10
Recent studies have revealed the troubling status of Canada's nursing workforce, confirming elevated workplace risks to nurses' mental and physical health and significant potential for turnover.
Canadian Union of Public Employees December 8
Ontario now has $12 billion of unallocated funds and it must be spent immediately to keep Ontarians safe and to ensure a recovery for all, says the Canadian Union of Public Employees.
Inter Pares December 8
It has undoubtedly been a challenging year -- yet struggles for social justice continued.
United Food and Commercial Workers December 3
The Ontario government's recently released outbreak support strategy for COVID-19 in farm workers is destined to fail, in part because the government neglected to consult with migrant workers.
Mining Watch December 3
It has been more than 83 days since the Ejido of Carrizalillo shut down Equinox Gold's Los Filos mine in Guerrero, Mexico. This is the longest-running strike since the mine started operating in 2007.
OSSTF Press Release December 1
The Canadian Teachers’ Federation released the results of a mental health check-in survey conducted in mid-October.
Ontario English Catholic Teachers’ Association December 1
Adequate safety measures in schools protect everyone. What will it take for the government to listen to the voices of teachers?
Canadians for Tax Fairness November 26
Canadians for Tax Fairness
Canada's top billionaires grew their wealth by more than $50 billion between April and October of this year, reveals a new report by Canadians for Tax Fairness.
Canadian Union of Postal Workers November 26
Canada Post announced a new policy to make face coverings mandatory for employees, contractors, visitors and customers in its facilities across the country.
Elementary Teachers' Federation of Ontario November 24
Students and staff are being put at risk because the Ford government and its minister of education are refusing to acknowledge the connection between schools being open and COVID-19 cases increasing.
United Steelworkers November 24
The USW, through its Family & Community Education Fund (FCEF), is seeking proposals from qualified applicants to develop age-appropriate educational activities for children up to 17 years old.
Public Service Alliance of Canada November 19
Join for a conversation on what PSAC members are doing to advance climate justice in Canada and around the world.
Abortion Rights Coalition of Canada November 19
Bill C-233 would criminalize sex selective abortion if that is the only reason for an abortion, and sentence providers to up to five years in jail.
Abortion Rights Coalition of Canada November 17
Extremist anti-choice groups have been invading cities across Canada and forcing citizens to view shocking and graphic photos of alleged aborted fetuses.
Hospital Employees' Union November 17
Contracted support service workers who work in housekeeping, dietary and retail services in health facilities are preparing for their next round of bargaining with private contractors.
Liisbeth November 12
Deschamps' three years experiences with sexual harassment at the University of Waterloo sparks a new movement in the nonprofit sector.
Alberta Union of Provincial Employees November 12
Employers are begging workers to cross COVID-19 lines and risk spreading virus.
Canadian Federation of Nurses Unions November 10
If Alberta's United Conservative Party wants to improve the province's health care, they couldn't be taking a more wrong-headed approach.
Inter Pares November 10
The pandemic has revealed deep inequalities in our societies and the vulnerabilities of a globalized and heavily concentrated food system that needs to change.
Canadian Union of Public Employees November 5
The partner of jailed CUPE 4600 member Cihan Erdal says solidarity, and sustained public attention and support, is what will bring him safely home from Turkey.
United Food and Commercial Workers November 5
Held online in early October, this year's congress featured a special session on the coronavirus pandemic and occupational health and safety.
Mining Watch November 3
The Quebec government is spending $90M over the next five years to develop minerals used in technology for electric vehicles, among other things.
Canadian Federation of Nurses Unions November 3
On the eve of the United States' election, the leader of Canada's nurses is sending strength and solidarity to health care workers and racialized communities south of the border.
Liisbeth October 29
How a digital content company is off-lining patriarchy.
Harrowsmith October 29
Gardening is an exercise of continuous investment: plant now, enjoy later.
United Steelworkers October 27
The USW are launching their new union-wide campaign to better take on women's health and safety concerns and amplify women's voices in the workplace.
Abortion Rights Coalition of Canada October 27
The Abortion Rights Coalition of Canada have updated its resources for abortion rights and health care during the pandemic.
Ontario Secondary School Teachers' Federation October 22
This year's theme, Rising Up, is a call for government action on expanding public and not-for-profit child care facilities, and supporting decent work with better wages and better working conditions.
Public Service Alliance of Canada October 22
PSAC welcomes the Supreme Court of Canada's recent decision in the Fraser case, which reaffirms the obligation of employers to treat women equally and without discrimination.
Canadians for Tax Fairness October 20
Canadians for Tax Fairness
Canadians for Tax Fairness strongly supports the progressive tax measures proposed by the federal NDP to raise revenues and prevent pandemic profiteering.