Toronto & York Region Labour Council May 21
Toronto &  York Region Labour Council
June 7th is the first anniversary of the Conservative victory in Ontario. It has been a troubling year, and there are three more to follow.
Canadian Union of Public Employees May 21
The fact that all 60 public school districts have joined the BC Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity Educator Network is another victory in the effort to make schools safe and inclusive for students
Canadian Union of Postal Workers May 21
CUPW has elected Jan Simpson, a postal worker from the Scarborough local, as the union’s new National President. She becomes the first black woman to lead a national union in Canada.
Canadian Health Coalition May 16
Lawyers for the plaintiff, Brian Day, are trying to prove that the introduction of private health care will not harm our public health care system.
UFCW Local 401 May 16
The Good Groceries campaign has generated a very important conversation about what Safeway means to Safeway employees and customers alike.
Harrowsmith May 16
The Healing Effect of Horticultural Therapy.
Upstream May 14
Ontario recently announced that it will reduce funding towards public health agencies across the province to the tune of $200 million.
National Union of Public and General Employees May 14
National Union of Public and General Employees
A new survey conducted recently by the Manitoba government shows that provincial employees are significantly less happy with their jobs than they were just 3 years ago.
Canadian Federation of Nurses Unions May 14
Facing a rising tide of workplace violence across the country, nurses have been demanding action from Ottawa for almost 18 months.
Canadian Health Coalition May 10
All those who support universal health care will present expert evidence before the court in the ongoing lawsuit brought by Cambie Corporation against the government of British Columbia.
Socialist Worker May 10
On April 27 members gathered at the Carnegie Community Centre to share success stories of the past year, organize further action and (most importantly) eat cake!
Elementary Teachers' Federation of Ontario May 10
ETFO is celebrating Education Week, May 6-10, by applauding the professional skills and high-quality learning delivered by Ontario educators.
Inter Pares May 7
What if, this year, we take Mother’s Day back to its roots: a celebration of women as changemakers and contributors to society.
Canadians for Tax Fairness May 7
Canadians for Tax Fairness
Another tax deadline has come and gone, but in the remaining days for Canadians to file their taxes, C4TF squeezed in some good discussion about getting government to do the task for us.
United Steelworkers May 7
A Canadian Green New Deal could put the concerns of labour and environmental groups together to work in a mutually reinforcing way.
Unifor May 2
members gathered at the Unifor Family Education Centre to learn more about Employment Insurance (EI) and the Canada Pension Plan (CPP).
Ontario Secondary School Teachers' Federation May 2
Harvey Bischof of the Ontario Secondary School Teachers’ Federation discusses the changes that are coming to Ontario’s education system, and what they mean for teachers and students
Public Service Alliance of Canada May 2
Labour activists of Asian descent continue to play an integral part in the Canadian labour movement and within PSAC.
Ontario Health Coalition May 1
Ontario Health Coalition
Thousands came from across Ontario in the middle of a work day with a message for the Doug Ford government.
Canadian Union of Public Employees May 1
CUPE stands with all workers organizing for safe working conditions, a living wage, benefits and a decent pension, as well as for accessible, affordable public services.
Canadian Union of Postal Workers May 1
Foodora bike and car couriers today announced their plans to unionize with the Canadian Union of Postal Workers.
Canadian Worker Co-operative Federation April 25
The joint Conference of CASC, ACE, and the International Co-op Alliance Research Conference will take place in Montreal, May 27-30, and Kaye Grant will participate on behalf of CWCF.
Mining Watch April 25
Over Two Hundred Organizations Denounce Multimillion-Dollar Suit Brought by U.S. Mining Firm Against Guatemala
Food Secure Canada April 25
With summer fast approaching, we expect the announcement of Canada’s first national food policy in the coming weeks
Toronto & York Region Labour Council April 23
Toronto &  York Region Labour Council
The Ministry of Health notified Ontario’s public health agencies of the government’s decision to put citizens in danger by cutting 50 per cent of their funding, starting immediately.
United Food and Commercial Workers April 23
UFCW Canada recently joined over forty migrant workers to meet with federal government officials and discuss the need for open work permits for vulnerable migrant workers.
National Union of Public and General Employees April 23
National Union of Public and General Employees
Unions are promoting solutions that address climate change, as well as build a sustainable economy, and are collaborating with allies to pressure political leaders to take much needed action.
Ontario English Catholic Teachers’ Association April 18
The Ontario English Catholic Teachers’ Association says the education cuts contained in the 2019 provincial budget will have severe and lasting impacts.
Hospital Employees' Union April 18
Change means fewer barriers to workers’ compensation benefits for those impacted by violence and other work-related trauma
Socialist Worker April 18
The Liberals are simultaneously funding the wars which create refugees and taking steps to keep refugees out of Canada.