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Biimadasahwin means “life” in Ojibway, and is the name that Darlene Necan and her organization – Northern Starlights Citizens of Ojibway – have given to the project of building a home and community gathering place on her ancestral hunting grounds. 

1. Tomorrow, Saturday July 27th, 7pm, 612 Markham St., join us for a beautiful evening of  food, a documentary screening, photo exhibition and discussion.

2. Your support is needed for the next phase of Biimadasahwin. 

**With only one week left to go to meet our fundraising goal, please watch, contribute and share** 

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On Aboriginal Day June 2013, after decades of homelessness, Darlene Necan moved into her new home and base for organizing for housing and treaty rights, on her trapline. This powerful act of reclaiming land and rebuilding home was made possible because Darlene Necan stepped out to trust the International League of People’s Struggles Indigenous Commission (ILPS-IC), and because the CAW, CUPE 3903 and 80 grassroots donors saw this project as necessary to support.

The cabin was only the beginning. Please watch and share our video and campaign for the next phase of work! 

Check out our website for videos, local and national media coverage on the project.

Check out our facebook for photos.

While the cabin finally gives Darlene a home from which to further her organizing for housing and treaty rights, it is only the beginning. She will be creating a gathering and teaching place for youth, community members and supporters on her land to further the vision of the Northern Starlights Citizens of Saugeen.

It will function as a summer camp for Indigenous youth, a meeting place, and a school for treaty teachings, crafts, music, and more. In August 2013, the ILPS-Canda Indigenous Commission will bring a delegation of union members and ILPS member groups to build relationships and infrastructure on Darlene’s trapline. The timing of support for this community building movement is crucial given the current commercial interest in the region’s natural resources, especially because of its proximity to the Ring of Fire.

Join us at Beit Zatoun (612 Markham St) on July 27th at 7pm, where we will screen a short documentary that shares Darlene’s story and showcases the collective home building project. The event will also feature a photo exhibition including beautiful stills of this project, and the Saugeen land and people in Northwestern Ontario. The photos will be sold as part of fundraising for the next phase of work. We’ll host a short discussion with ILPS members who participated on the trip. See poster attached. Facebook event:

Thank you for your support. Please share the new campaign and hope to see you on July 27th!



For more information, please see, Activist Communique: Idle No More and the Homebuilding Movement

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