Reflections on the Reclamation: Haudenosaunee Land Rights Struggles and Non-Native Alliance Building 5 years after the “Douglas Creek Estates” Reclamation.

Friday March 4, 2011

7:00 pm

Reagle Beagle (back room)

335 Bloor St. West

Hosted by the Workers Assembly

The reclamation of the “Douglas Creek Estates” by the Six Nations [Haudenosaunee] people of the Grand River Territory [near Brantford-Caledonia] has been one of the most significant flash points of indigenous struggle in Ontario in the last several decades. Faced with the construction of a subdivision on historically contested lands abutting their reserve, members of the community peacefully occupied the subdivision on February 28, 2006.

Their struggle reached national and international attention on April 20, 2006 when some 200 police officers from the Ontario Provincial Police raided the reclamation site to enforce an injunction demanding the removal of the occupiers. The police raid failed, and the reclamation site became an important place for the articulation of Six Nations’ political interests and for alliance building with non-native activists.

Please join us for an evening of discussion and reflection with three Six Nations women who played important roles in the reclamation.

Cheyenne Williams: one of the three women who originally conceived of
and planned the reclamation of the so-called “Douglas Creek Estates.”

Hazel Hill: one of the main spokespeople at the reclamation site and
who has been since working closely with the traditional Confederacy
Chiefs in the Negotiations with the Crown and in the creation and
management of the Haudenosaunee Development Institute.

Ruby Monture: one of the main cooks at the site and a leading figure
in trying to halt developments on Six Nations land in Brantford. She
has currently been charged under the Brantford injunction for blocking
developments in Brantford.


For more information, please click here: http://6nsolidarity.wordpress.com/

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