Idle No More – London Ontario and Region

The Deets:

Wednesday December 19, 2012

8:30am until 3:00pm

The Call Out:

Unity Walk and Rally in support of the IDLE NO MORE movement

8:30 am – Tobacco Offering at Chippewas of the Thames community arbor

9:00 am – Board the busses/community vans at Chippewas of the Thames community centre (first come first served seating, preference for COTTFN citizens)

9:30 am – Rendezvous at the Best Western Stoneridge Inn and service centre parking area near the intersection of Col. Talbot Road and HWY 401. (This is where all others joining in for the convoy/walk can meet up)

10:00 am – Begin vehicle convoy onto the 401. The idea is to load as many people as lawfully possible into your vehicles and drive onto the 401. we are working with MTO and authorities on ensuring a safe convoy.

10:15 am – Arrive at 401/402 merger and short rally. This is where people can choose to get out of vehicles and begin the March on the 401 taking up all of the Eastbound lanes. Remember to have one person designated as your vehicle driver. The walkers will lead the way and march towards wellington road, vehicles will follow in a convoy. A designated elders bus/van will lead the vehicle convoy ensuring their participation and opportunity for breaks.

The Route: We plan to walk/convoy from the 401/402 onto wellington road taking up all of the northbound lanes towards Ivey Park, Downtown London, Ontario. There will be opportunity for people to join in all along the entire route. There will be opportunity for people to park their vehicles at White Oaks Mall if they choose to. White Oaks mall has direct transit to and from Downtown.

Those who choose to can continue to drive their vehicles in a convoy to downtown London. We will have impromptu rallies along the route where we expect high visibility.

1:00 pm – Arrive and RALLY at Ivey Park at the Forks of the Thames River. This is a significant place as this is where the Anishinabeg had Treaty discussions with the Crown in the late 1700’s.

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