Idle No More – Returning to Our Sacred Places

The Deets:

Friday December 28, 2012

All Indigenous Territories, Everywhere


The Call Out:

Returning to our Sacred Spaces

December 28 is the next full moon. In my community, Anishinaabeg women are out on the land that night participating in Full Moon ceremonies. We will be doing this on the evening of December 28.

We are asking that all Indigenous Peoples reclaim their sacred sites on that day by visiting these sites – conducting ceremonies, singing, dancing, educating or doing whatever makes sense for your community and according to the traditions of your nation. Many are already in ceremony this time of year.

We come from diverse and beautiful nations. This is another opportunity to connect with the land, strengthen our cultures, speak our languages and stand in unity and solidarity with each other. It is an opportunity to reclaim our sacred places and strengthen our relationships to our territories. It is an opportunity for all genders and all nations to return to our sacred places.

There is also an opportunity to continue to build our movement by doing this on every full moon.

Some of our sacred sites are now in very urban areas, while others are remote. We trust the peoples of our nations to celebrate and act in unity and solidarity on the first full moon of the Idle No More movement.

If this resonates with you, please plan, organize and promote (if appropriate) your events.

If you send your event details including place and time (timezone) to co-host Waaseyaas’in Christine Sy, she will start a running list of event info for viewers of this page to refer to. (Please send your location (address, city/sacred site; time, Nation if you wish, and a contact name for people if they questions about what to bring).

For those looking to hand out information see Taiaiake Alfred’s and Tobold Rollo’s RCAP summary, now in English, French and Spanish at and for more resources.


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