Photo of Tyson Peters by Miles Howe

*UPDATE: Tyson Peters has had his leg successfully drained and treated. Amputation is unlikely according to the most recent update! 

Following a Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) raid on the Mi’kmaq Warrior Society and the Mi’kmaq and Elsipogtog First Nations, reports of injuries are emerging from the Thursday morning raid.

The RCMP raided an Indigenous blockade near Rexton, New Brunswick, as anti-fracking activists blockaded highways and held SWN Resources equipment hostage.

Heading a court injunction in favour of Texas-based SWN Resources, police units with snipers and dogs moved in to completely clear the highway blockade and return company equipment — seismic trucks used in shale gas fracking.

During the Thursday morning raid of the warrior encampment near Highway 134 — which included RCMP snipers in desert camouflage — Tyson Peters was shot repeatedly in the leg with non-lethal rounds, a.k.a. rubber bullets.

Peters — a member of the Mi’kmaq Warrior Society — is at risk of losing his leg due to the impact of multiple bullets, which has caused compression swelling in his leg and restricting normal blood flow.

In an interview with the Halifax Media Co-op, Peters explained, “I had to jump in front of a woman and take a rubber bullet,” says Peter. “I didn’t go for help for two days. I was walking on it for two days and couldn’t feel it. I was in too much shock.

[Doctors at St. Anne hospital in New Brunswick] told me I might be losing my leg.”

More news to come.

For more information on the Mi’kmaq and Elsipogtog demonstrations, please see this link: ‘An act of war’: Armed RCMP officers carry out militant action against Mi’kmaq and Elsipogtog Nations

Photo of Tyson Peters by Miles Howe.

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