Statement from Grand Elder Raymond Robinson Today, April 7, 2013 – #IdleNoMore

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Time Since Beginning of Raymond’s Hunger Strike: 102 hours
(4 days, 6 hours, 7 minutes @ April 7th/2013 3:08 p.m.)

Statement from Grand Elder Raymond

April 7th, 4:00pm

“I am not demanding anything from anyone; this is a spiritual fast. I am refusing the necessities of life; food and water. I am praying and meditating constantly for the creator to show mercy and compassion to the people of the world of all colors and races. I am praying to bring down all the préjudices, and all the boundaries that have separated the people of this world.

I am seeking intervention, mercy, and compassion that the differences that are arising from these treaty relationships between First Nations and the Crown be restored.

I am praying that the two nations of Canada; First Nations and the Crown start seriously working together on a Nation-to-Nation basis. That is what I pray for on this fast. It’s a spiritual fast.

As a Grand Elder have a duty and an obligation to always live by the sacred teachings that have been handed down by the First Elder, our Creator; I pray for people regardless of race, creed, or belief. I pray that people work together for the stability and cohesiveness and well being of all common men and women. I pray for this world to aspire to work together. And that is what I’m doing on this fast without food and water.

I encourage everybody to always aspire to come from the same respect, to always come from the natural laws of life; for that is the real red road. These natural laws are; respect, honor, humility, honesty, truth, courage, and wisdom. These seven natural laws are intertwined, they are in balance. One cannot go without the other, they must always come as one, for when you break one, you break them all. Not only do you break them with the creator, but we also break them with ourselves, with Mother Earth. So I encourage you to always come from that respect.”

Grand Elder Raymond Robinson’s Video Message to Canadians (see link below):

Tomorrow Night, April 8th – Monday Night #RayOfHope Candle Light Vigils:


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