Anti-fracking demonstration from the Mi’kmaq and Elsipogtog Nations and their allies are holding a demonstration – a former blockade of highway near Rexton, New Brunswick – against shale gas company SWN Resources.

The demonstration is in reaction to community fears that fracking for shale gas might commence on traditional territory.  The Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) have arrested at least forty demonstrators as they confronted the blockade demonstrators, who sang the Mi’kmaq Honour Song while the police made arrests, used dogs, pepper spray and water cannons on demonstrators.

Cars – include police vehicles – have been burned at the blockade site. The RCMP had snipers deployed in the area who could be spotted hiding in the woods surrounding the area.

Please see these photos posed on the Aljazeera Page here.

Demonstrators across the country have sung the Mi’kmaq Honour Song to provide the blockaders with strength. 

“Kepmite’tmnej ta’n teli l’nuwulti’kw 

Nikma’jtut mawita’nej 
Kepmite’tmnej ta’n wettapeksulti’k 
Nikma’jtut apoqnmatultinej 
Apoqnmatultinej ta’n Kisu’lkw teli ika’luksi’kw 
Wla wskitqamu eya eya

Wey u we he haiya, Weu we he haiya 
Wey u we he haiya, Weu we he haiya 
Wey u we he haiya, 
Wey u we he haiya, Weu we he haiya

Ta Ho!” 


Let us greatly respect our nativeness 
My people let us gather 
Let us greatly respect our aboriginal roots 
My people let us help one and other 
Let us help one and other according to the Creator’s 
intention for putting us on this planet.

Here is a list of emergency demonstrations called in support of the Mi’kmaq and Elsipogtog First Nations.

Thursday October 17, 2013:

Toronto – 7:00 pm – Native Canadian Centre (16 Spadina Avenue) where a Sacred Fire will be lit. More info:

Montreal – 8:00 pm – Cabot Square. More info:

Ottawa – 6:00 pm – Human Rights Monument – Corner Of Elgin and Lisgar. More info:

Lethbridge – 5:00 pm – Henderson Park, Mayor Magrath Drive. More info:

New York, NY – 5:30 pm – Canadian Consulate 1251 Avenue of the Americas. More info:

Winnipeg – 4:30 pm – Canadian Museum of Human Rights 269 Main St, Winnipeg. More info:

Regina – 6:00 pm – RCMP Academy 5907 Dewdney Avenue. More info:

Fort McMurray – 4:00 pm – RCMP Station 105 Paquette Dr. Moreinfo:


Friday October 18, 2013:

Vancouver – 3:30 pm – South Side of Vancouver Art Gallery. More info:

Victoria – 11:00 am – Centennial Square. More info:

Sault Ste. Marie – 12:00 pm – Shingwauk Kinoomaage Gamig  1550 Queen Street East. More info:

Edmonton – 2:00 pm – Churchill Square. More info:

Alderville First Nation – 10:00 am – Blockade of Highway 45. More information: 

Halifax – 3:00 pm – Robie and Charles Street. More info:

Saskatoon – 8:30 am – Corner of College Drive and Wiggins Avenue. More info:

Iqaluit – 4:45 pm – between RCMP building and NLCA Monument. More info:

Windsor, NS – 1:00 pm – Near Tim Horton Parking Lot downtown Windsor (Water Street). More info:

Eagle Lake First Nation (Ontario) – Friday Oct 18- Saturday Oct 19, 2013 – 1220 Ojibway Drive. More info:

Barrie, Ontario – 6:00 pm – Barrie Native Friendship Center (175 Bayfield Street). More info:

Tobique First Nation, NB – 12:00 pm – Tobique First Nation highway blockade. More info:

Kitchener-Waterloo, Ontario – 9:00 pm – TBA. More info:

*Photo by @frogsarelovely

*Photo by @frogsarelovely

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