truck on a train

We stayed in Moose Factory last night. It has ice road access from Moosonee in the winter, water taxi in the summer.

This morning, Yves and I walked the three kilometers to Moosonee, to meet the freight train. It was a little dicey around a large slushy area. Our feet remained dry.

Moose Factory was a point of entry for fur trade – we come across a heritage building.

Relieved to see both vehicles arrive this morning. We will get a decent start up the ice road to Attawpiskat. We get our first view of the ice road from Moose Factory.

And we soon discover that the truck battery is frozen. I am not going to ask, “How much longer?”

Today’s price of gas is $1.87 a liter.  During the spring break up, access from Moose Factory to Moosonee is a chopper service; a one way trip is $40.00.