rabble.ca asked Parliamentary correspondent Karl Nerenberg to come up with ten articles he thought summed up his parliamentary coverage in 2013. Always the over-achiever, he sent us 11. If you’re in the mood for a recap of rabble.ca parliamentary coverage, check out these articles. You can follow Karl’s blog, and if you’re in the mood you can even donate to keep Karl on Parl. 

Here are his picks for 2013:

Crown-First Nations meeting: Will it result in recognition of First Nations’ rights to the lands and resources? 

Who has blocked progress for First Nations people? 

The true hero of Argo 

Canadian government to persecuted Roma people in Hungary: ‘Stay home’ 

Goodbye to Max Ferguson and ‘Ole Rawhide’ 

Conservative smear machine hits the NDP with old-fashioned red-baiting 

Six key points for understanding Harper’s Senate scandal 

Harper’s mortal sins hidden by all the attention to the venial kind 

As the U.S. shuts down over Obamacare, Americans need to know the truth about the Canadian system 

Harper still has not answered the toughest question on the Senate affair

Still working on your convention speech, Mr. Harper? May we suggest this top ten list? 

How to provoke race hatred: On the Roma, Sun TV and the responsibility of broadcasters 



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