Our friends at Independent Jewish Voices Canada have prepared an online letter which you can use to send a message to Foreign Affairs Minister Rob Nicholson, Prime Minister Steven Harper, Opposition Leader Thomas Mulcair, NDP Foreign Affairs Critic Paul Dewar, as well as other party leaders & foreign affairs critics. Here is their message:

Dear Friend,

On Saturday morning local Greek time, the third international Freedom Flotilla set sail for Gaza in the hopes of breaking Israel’s illegal and immoral blockade.

After more than eight years of a full military blockade of Gaza it is time for Canadian politicians to join us in demanding that Israel abide by international law and lift the blockade NOW.

Sign our petition to Canada’s federal party leaders, Minister of Foreign Affairs and Foreign Affairs critics, demanding an end to Canada’s complicity in Israel’s crimes against the Palestinians of Gaza, and the safe passage of Canadians aboard the flotilla. Former Ardoch Algonquin chief Robert “Bob” Lovelace and retired marine engineer Kevin Neish from Victoria B.C. were detained along with 16 other people from different countries aboard the Marianne, seized illegally this morning by Israeli occupation forces in international waters. In Bob’s words, Gaza is “the world’s largest Indian reservation.”

Brave Canadians like Bob and Kevin, who are speaking truth to power on behalf of those of us who support Palestinian rights, need our support.

Sign this petition now demanding from Canadian politicians that they defend the safe passage of these Canadians to Gaza, and that they support international law by opposing the collective punishment of the people of Gaza. It’s time to end the blockade NOW!

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Here is the full list of those who were on the Marianne and have been detained by Israel is below. See the full list of participants in the Flotilla here.

MARIANNE AV GÖTEBORG (Swedish flag, 18 people)

Dror Feiler, Sweden, Musician & Composer

Bassel Ghattas,  Israel, Member of Israeli Knesset

Dr. Moncef Marzuki, Tunisia, Human Rights activist, Ex-President of Tunisia

Ana Miranda      Spain      Member of the European Parliament (BNG)

Nadya Kevorkova, Russia. Journalist

Kajsa Ekis Ekman, Sweden, Journalist, Author

Robert Lovelace, Canada, University Professor & retired Algonquin Chief
Joel Opperdoes, Sweden, Crew

Gustave Bergstrom, Sweden    

Herman Reksten, Norway    

Kevin Neish, Canada    

Jonas Karlin, Sweden    

CharlieAndreasson, Sweden    

Ammar Al-Hamdan, Norway, Aljazeera Arabic

Mohammed El Bakkali, Morocco, Aljazeera Arabic

Ohad Hemo, Israel, Channel 2, Israeli TV

Ruwani Perera, New Zealand, MaoriTV

Jacob Bryant, New Zealand, MaoriTV