Harper has his majority and now he is free to wreak havoc on Canadian families. As the chosen champion of corporate interests, he has demonstrated his government’s willingness to sacrifice our towns and cities, our families, our children’s futures, even the very health of the planet, as he kowtows to foreign interests and grovels before the alter of corporate greed.

Harper secured his majority through voter manipulation. It now appears that his majority government hinges on as little as 7,000 votes. The robocall scandal highlights his party electioneering fraud. It stands as the most organized effort to obstruct democracy in our nation’s history. His is the first government in parliamentary history to be found in contempt of parliament! Three of his cabinet ministers have also been found in contempt, caught lying! His Minister of finance left his last post as Minister of Ontario’s finances claiming a balanced budget when in fact he left a $5.6 billion deficit. Maybe he didn’t lie; maybe it’s simple incompetence. Our defense minister spins more tails than a helicopter. This is but a small part of the record MP Gord Brown is proud of!

Working in concert with Dalton’s Liberals, Harper like Britain’s David Cameron is busy driving our country into recession through draconian austerity measures aimed at destroying the social fabric of this country. His omnibus budget, is itself an affront to our democracy. It contains over 742 different changes to our existing laws. It proposes to destroy our nation’s limited environmental regulations. To drive down wages, it allows for a massive increase in the number of foreign workers. To ensure Canadians work till they drop, the entitlement age for the Old Age Security (OAS) pension has been rocketed up to 67. To appease corporations’ insatiable greed, they have engineered a structural deficit, a crisis, through utterly irresponsible, indefensible tax giveaways. Worse they are actually borrowing money, mortgaging our futures to give billions to people who already have hundreds of millions!

Ours is the only OECD country to not have a national energy plan, a national industrial strategy, or even a national transportation plan! This is not merely incompetence, it’s corruption!

During the last federal election campaign Harper did not once mention the OAS, not once! Yet his party claims to be competent financial managers. Pension plans are administered by actuaries whose job it is to continually monitor the long term stability of the funds under their care. Barring a financial meltdown like the one in 2008 caused by deregulated Banker greed, he could not possibly not known that the fund was in the trouble he now claims it is in. So did he lie? Or has his government’s incompetence been exposed once more? Maybe he just doesn’t have the courage to talk about such a major issue during an election campaign; he certainly wouldn’t be the first right-wing politician to hide his agenda from the voting population.

Economists and Actuaries agree that the OAS is sustainable. In fact as a direct result of Conservative policy only 38 per cent of Canadians’ have a work place pension! Every working Ontarian deserves to retire in dignity with an income that sustains them, OAS and GIS payments need to be greatly increased, not cut!

But then the only people Harper listens too are the one percenters and they all have their gold and platinum parachutes.