retiree matters box v2

Today launched “Retiree Matters”, a monthly column written by members of the Congress of Union Retirees of Canada (CURC) that explores issues concerning Canadian seniors and union retirees.

The Congress of Union Retirees of Canada acts as an advocacy organization to ensure that the concerns of union retirees and senior citizens are heard throughout Canada.

“rabble is very pleased to bring more light to issues facing Canadian seniors and retirees,” said Editor Derrick O’Keefe. “These are under-reported stories and issues and Canadians need to be engaging in the issues that will be raised in the columns such as home care, the attack on union retiree benefits, the defined pension plan and more,” he said.

Since their founding in 1993, CURC has lobbied governments at all levels to advance the concerns of seniors and union retirees such as on the issues of pensions and pharmacare, along with pushing for good jobs and a fairer employment insurance program for all.

The “Retiree Matters” column will run every second Monday of the month and can be found here.