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CUPW initiated strike activity on June 2, after more than seven months of negotiations with Canada Post.  On Thursday, members of the Winnipeg local were the first postal workers to legally strike in 13 years.  Rallies and solidarity events have been happening across the country over the week-end.

On Friday afternoon over two hundred members of the Canadian Federation of Students took time off from their National General Meeting in Gatineau to rally in support of CUPW workers. In a loud and boistrous march to the Laurier Street Station B Post Office with members of CUPW local 360, they expressed their solidarity with the union’s demands for a fair contract settlement. Speakers at the rally included CFS National Chairperson, David Molenhuis, 1st National CUPW Vice-President, Gayle Bossenberry and former president Jean-Claude Parrot. Here are a few photos from the rally:


rallly in support of CUPW, photo: Bill Clenett
rallly in support of CUPW, photo: Bill Clenett
Want to know more about the strike and why its important for all union members, and all progressives to support? Read Jesse McLaren’s Five reasons to support postal workers.
For more images from this rally, see the Flickr slideshow here.