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The Not Rexes have spoken and the people have voted. is pleased to present the winner of our Not Rex Murphy Context — Humberto DaSilva! 

Humberto is a union representative and writer born and bred in Toronto. His father and mother, now retired, were respectively a miner and a shopkeeper in their native Portugal. In 1998, Humberto led an organizing drive of his workplace after unaddressed maintenance concerns resulted in an aircraft accident and after several of his co-workers contracted tuberculosis during the Kosovo airlift. He was the union local president during the merger of Royal Airlines, Canjet and Canada 3000. He achieved short-lived media notoriety during the “blame the union” spin frenzy that accompanied the collapse of Canada 3000 following 9/11.

We know the judges were impressed with Humberto’s passion and it seems he has struck a chord with voters. In case you missed it check out his application video below.

And rabbletv has Humberto’s Not Rex Videos

Why Not Rex Murphy?

Tens of thousands agree: We have had enough of Rex Murphy and his reactionary, mean-spirited attacks on all the things that make Canada a great place to live. Since CBC hasn’t put any balancing voices to Rex on their flagship news show The National, will do our part.

Our intrepid judges (new media journalist, consultant, video podcaster and web 2.0 guru Amber MacArthur; journalist, broadcaster, author and guest senior contributing editor Murray Dobbin; rabble tv editor Tor Sandberg; rabble publisher Kim Elliott and Director of Emerging Media, Wayne MacPhail) reviewed the selections and selected finalists and then visitors to voted.  

Humberto will do the first three rabble commentaries – on the same night that Rex delivers his annoying and sanctimonious ravings – providing Canadians with critical insights, inspiration, vision and, most importantly, an antidote to The Rex.

Reflecting rabble’s distaste for reality TV and the American obsession with winners and losers, the remaining contestants may be given the opportunity to do commentaries as well. rabble reserves the right, post-contest, to add commentators as opportunities and clever, caring Canadians present themselves.


Contestant #1: Muriel Wiens


Contestant #2 Lalo Espejo



Contestant #3: Humberto da Silva



Contestant #4: Michael Keene



Contestant #5: James Laxer