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It’s summer time and it’s time to have some fun. But that doesn’t mean we have to put aside our work to change the world. We can dance, we can sing and we can change the world too.

A summer celebration of creativity featuring The Femme City Choir of Vancouver, the Howl Arts Collective of Montreal and

Arianna Barer of the podcast The F Word talks to Femme City Choir members Lau Sequins and Kate Monstrr. It’s a choir that sings in sweet harmony to celebrate difference. In their own words, THIS choir is an all-genders, queer and trans* centred femme-fabulous singing extravaganza! Celebrating and elevating self-identified femme-ness through song.

Scott Neigh of Talking Radical Radio talks to Stefan Christoff of Montreal’s Howl Arts Collective. They are firm believers that culture and arts and creativity and creation are always integral to movements. To demonstrate that, not only do they point to pretty much every movement of the past that has had any lasting impact, but they also point out that — particularly given the scorn and dismissal that movements so often face from mainstream meaning-makers — that such work is really the only way that movements can know and be known by the world; can remember and help build histories of struggle; can allow us to truly feel, deep in our bones, what it means to dream of and to deserve something better.

The Year of Living Consciously – The Best of 2014 — It’s the 13th anniversary of rabble, we’ve just released a new book — The Best of 2014 Edition – The Art of Living Consciously. We’ve been having launch parties all over the country. And it’s also our donation drive right now — we do a lot with a pretty small budget. But even so, good, independent journalism costs good money. So please, go to … and help keep rabble going.

On June 17, we had the Ottawa launch of The Best of  It was a great opportunity to connect with some of our Ottawa supporters. Together with fabulous music by our own reporter on Parliament Hill, Karl Nerenberg and friends, it was a great time.

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