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In 2020, amidst the pandemic, the district government of Muskoka has declared a climate emergency and endorsed a plan which will reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 50 per cent by 2030 and take them down to zero by 2050. This is a region which votes staunchly conservative every provincial and federal election. Muskoka is also cottage country, full of lakes, rivers, forests and a premium destination for people who want to protect the great outdoors. But, environmental action doesn’t happen by itself. Today we’ll hear about an organization that is finding success in building awareness. The organization behind the curtain is Climate Action Muskoka.

Today we hand the microphone over to my friend and colleague, Maya Bhullar. Maya is the editor of the Lynn Williams Activist Toolkit.  Maya has also written an article about Climate Action Muskoka, and we thought you might want to hear from her guests in their own words and in their own voices.

Maya talked to Sue McKenzie and Linda Mathers on February 5, 2021. Sue McKenzie is a retired elementary teacher, a longtime activist, a mother, and a co-founder of Climate Action Muskoka. Sue, her husband Len Ring and children have had the privilege of extensive world travel but have now committed not to travel by air again to cut their carbon footprint. Linda Mathers is also a retired educator. She has been a long time volunteer and climate advocate at both the community and political level as a key organizer with Climate Action Muskoka, as a mobilizer of volunteers for the Ontario Green Party and as an advocate for environmental stewardship on her community association.

Image: Climate Action Muskoka. Used with Permission.

Music: Karl Nerenberg/La touladie en hiver. Used with permission.

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